Liquimat Acne Treatment

  • $23.50

Water-based, oil-free formulation is tint-adjustable with Color Matcher for a subtle cover up. If your makeup is not part of your treatment for acne, it may be part of the problem. At best your makeup is non-comedogenic (does not cause acne). At worst, your makeup may be responsible for some or many of your pimples. Liquimat works hard to heal current pimples and prevent new ones — all while making you look great! Liquimat is water-based, oil-free and tint adjustable to match your individual skin tone.

Liquimat Acne Treatment and Cover-Up Lotion Medium 1.50 oz:

  • This product provides the powerful combination of strength and elegance that acne patients need and deserve.
  • Elegant, medicated, acne-fighting makeup.
  • Replaces typical makeups that do nothing to help and may actually cause acne!
  • Treats acne with 4% sulfur.

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